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OnPoint Race Stickers are digitally printed on premium quality vinyl engineered with High Tack adhesive allowing for maximum durability for your gear. High Performance Gloss laminate provides exceptional protection and long lasting stickers.


How do I apply my Race Stickers? Simple. Make sure you surface is clean free of any residue, oils or particles. Its best to use soap and water or mild cleaner that does not leave any residue. (DO NOT USE ACTONE). Try to use a microfiber or tack cloth if possible. But most any clean rag/towel should work. Once surface is completely dry, apply your sticker.

How do I clean my RC once my Race Stickers are installed? Our Vinyl film is used in Motorsports industry and tested by many RC racers across the country. Most degreasers and mild detergents should not effect your Race Stickers, however a mild soap and water is suggested for longer life for you stickers.

Which Race Sticker Sheet will provide me with the most stickers for my money? Both Body Group and Stacked usually will produce close the same number of stickers. Naturally the Logo size and shape will determine the number of sticker fitted per sheet. We fill your sheet up with as many logos as we can. Body Group layout is designed to empty you sheet in sections as you sticker you RC Body. Most sheets will sticker 3-4 bodies depending on logos and size.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review